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Every brand seems to be doing ‘How To’ videos online, so now there is demand for something a bit different - something more exciting to stand out from the crowd, give your brand the edge & differentiate your brand from your competitors. Your videos should be unique and inspiring to engage viewers and make your brand films more memorable in their mind.

In today's online word of social media beauty videos have become an essential part of every cosmetic brand's marketing plan, but how do you differentiate your brand from the others and get more viewers? Here at Beauty 1st Studios we will work with you to create unique films that are tailored to suit your brand image and target audience. We are especially focussed on working with you on your annual marketing plan to create a specific campaign to help you promote your products and services through online videos including:-

Brand Films

brand filmsWith the beauty industry now being such a competitive market with numerous brands and products on offer you need to invite people into 'your world' and entice them to want to discover more.

To do this your videos need to be imaginitive and aspirational to capture their interest.



'How To' video guides and Product Demonstrations

Your annual marketing Campaign can incorporate online videos such as:
  • Monthly Video Blog Posts for use on You Tube / Vimeo and your company Website
  • Brand Ambassadors Update on the latest products
  • Make-Up Artists Up Close – techniques/lessons/demos
  • Skin Care Therapists guide to cleansing/exfoliating/moisturising
  • Hair demonstrations on the latest styles & techniques and which products to use for – straightening & curling / red carpet hair / bridal hair

Founder Videos - The story behind the brand

This short film can be an opportunity for the founder of the company to tell their story to explain why they created the brand, how they created the brand, What makes the products unique and their Vision for the future!

Artistically shot from multiple angles and produced to a very high standard we don't create the usual boring monotone videos that brands often use. We create something that inspires and captures the readers imagination so they want to know more. These films can include flashbacks of the product/brand/salon to add different dimensions to the film and show customers the product range or view of the salon/spa.


Our studio can also be used for photo shoots for product imagery, model images and brand campaigns. We have an address book of experienced photographers and can co-ordinate and project manage your shoots including set design and sourcing of props.

Behind the Scenes

Filming of backstage activities and showing what goes on 'behind the scenes' at events and photo shoots can create an interesting dynamic to showcase the latest looks and new products.Beauty 1st can help you maximise on this opportunity by producing dynamic videos to use online to promote your brand.

Multiple beauty brands now using sponsorship of selected designer fashion shows at LFW and other key industry events as a crucial element to their company’s marketing strategy. Making a short film of this to use across social media platforms is an easy way to maximise on this opportunity and demonstrate the credibility and creativity of the brand whilst promoting new or key products within the range.

Event filming

event filmsInstead of the standard and often boring films of events we can create something artistic yet compact to tell the story of the event from start to finish whilst portraying the excitement and enjoyment of the attendees with the content and unique attributes of the event.

With Lydia's experience in organising large beauty events and awards she fully understands the logistics and key elements that need to be captured on film and can work with you to project manage the filming schedule and ensure the finished video demonstrates the uniqueness of your event with the right portrayal of the event to your target audience.

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