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Beauty 1st Studios are an All-in One Film Production company that specialises in films and videos for the Cosmetics and Beauty industry.

With over 20 years knowledge & experience of the cosmetics industry and 15 years experience in online digital media combined with the expertise of an established film production studio and crew we combine innovative thinking with sector knowledge to work with you on thoughtful and imaginative ideas that will work with your brand strategy.



We will work closely in partnership with you on the creative direction, concept and content.

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Our on-site studio is located in a beautiful, quiet leafy area of Angel, Islington.

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The latest in graphics and animation to add an extra dimension to your videos.

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What we can do for you

In today's online word of social media beauty videos have become an essential part of every cosmetic brand's marketing plan, but how do you differentiate your brand from the others and get more viewers? Here at Beauty 1st Studios we will work with you to create unique films that are tailored to suit your brand image and target audience. We are especially focussed on working with you on your annual marketing plan to create a specific campaign to help you promote your products and services through online videos including: 

Brand FIlms

Promotional Films

Bringing your brand to life

How to films

Product Demonstrations

'How To' application guides

Founder Videos

Founder Videos

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Creating beautiful imagery

Marcelo Bustamante, entrepreneur and managing director of Amstore Innovations (the original innovator of the VideoPak product),took the time to answer some questions for Beauty 1st Studios.


Throughout the interview Marcelo passionately discusses the importance of the digital media industry, the significance of video, and how brands can use new technologies to best interact with their audiences - all from his iPhone while on a beach in Ibiza. Marcelo's company, VideoPak, is ahead of its competitors in incorporating video in print, which is fast-becoming a worldwide strategic marketing tool.

VideoPak combines print and packaging with video and digital technology that offers maximum engagement. Working with brands as notable as Youtube, Rimmel London, Dolce & Gabbana, and many more - Marcelo has invaluable insight into the world of physical-digital engagement marketing.    

VideoPak was the first to launch physical-digital engagement products with LCD and NFC technology-what were the early stages of innovation like and how has the company grown into the success that it is today? 

Like any new product innovation, the early days of VideoPak inception were exciting and challenging. We knew we had discovered something new and fresh, and, as one of our earliest innovations, we did not have the resources that we have today to design and produce the concepts– so it was a real struggle back then. Today, we have the experience and the necessary divisions in place, with the right expertise to process new product design efficiently and effectively. 

We have tried to make all our products simple to order and provide a solution for every project budget. The glory days of producing millions and hundreds of thousands of units is no longer a real-world reality, and I have watched volumes fall over the last decade. With the innovation of the digital world, on-demand printing, digital printing, personalized printing, comes the ability to target the market very effectively, which means a much more direct approach, less wasted effort, lower volumes and lower costs.

Therefore our products come with all these modern features – low volume options, quick turn lead times, specialist print finishing, variable data, bespoke options – everything our clients want, we have found a way to deliver.

Why did VideoPak choose to utilize video instead of static imagery? 

"It  is  impossible  to  ignore  the  power  and  impact  that video  is  having  on  our  every-day  lives.    Video  is everywhere. It reaches everyone. It is big screen and small screen. It is fixed on our walls at home and on our office desks.  It is in our hands on our mobiles and on our touch-screen Tablets. Just as you cannot ignore the video effect, you cannot argue with the video ‘growth’ statistics, nor can you challenge the place that video will have in all our lives in many years from now."

The VideoPak concept came around as a result of one of our clients that were spending a lot of money on their TV ads and wanted to showcase the ads to VIPs in a new and exciting way.  Perhaps if they had wanted to showcase presentations, we would have named it PDF-pak – but fortunately for me, at the time it was all about Video.

Throughout my time in the industry, I have seen how video has evolved in its distribution – from VHS to DVD. From DVD to online and Flash Memory. From big screens to small portable screens in people’s hands. 

My love of video is linked to my love of the VideoPak format and we are very happy that video has its place in both our private lives and in the workplace for B2B communications. 


What should brands take into consideration in regards to video and what their audience is looking for?

Decide what you want your video marketing message to say: People have short attention spans and busy lives, so video marketing works best when the message is clear and concise. Ensure your message is straight forward. Work out the one or two key factors that will make you stand out to prospective customers and make them choose you over competitors.

Understand your target audience: However good your video marketing message is, it is vital to focus your attention on the people you are most likely to work with. It is important to know your target audience and one way of doing this is to gather feedback from your existing customers. Why did they choose your business? Is it your service, price or range of products? The type of company you are targeting? The times they are most likely to purchase.

Gain the right attention: The beauty of video marketing is its ability to deliver a key message and hold your audience’s attention. Video marketing can reinforce your brand values in a deep and emotional way. Simple techniques to help engage with your customers includes tailoring your message direct to them and keeping your video message clear and to the point. To ensure your video message is compelling and stands out consider how to get people talking. If you offer something unique and want to tell your target audience about it how can you connect with them? Take time to understand who they are, for example where they like to socialise; whether it be Twitter , Facebook or LinkedIn. 

Call to action: Without a call to action (CTA) regardless of your video content it may fail to achieve your desired results. Your CTA must be clear and direct. What do you want people to do once they have viewed your video? Good examples ‘Find out more’, ‘visit our website’ or ‘subscribe to our blog’, ‘Make a purchase’, ‘Pricing & Information’... Where does your video lead the viewer? It is important to interact and engage and not leave the viewer hanging and wondering what to do next. It’s not only vital to ensure your video marketing content is engaging but also to ensure your audience watch the entirety of the video and follow your call to action.  

What does the ever-changing demands of the digital media industry mean for the future of the cosmetics industry and beauty brands' marketing strategies? 

Consumers are eager to purchase from brands that are at the cutting edge of the industry, and the use of modern technology to showcase these products goes hand in hand. 

In the early days of retail, when retail outlets first started offering consumers the power to choose their preferred brand, brands were competing for valuable shelf space and placing their products within packaging that stood and caught the eye of the consumer with creative packaging and fancy finishes.

Brand competition to lure and entice buyers to buy their products over a competitors is fierce. Brands are having to think smart in how they communicate their messages, and keeping up with modern technology. 

"Video marketing has become a quintessential part of promoting and marketing a product. How, where and when people see the video is becoming the competing factor. Video is a given, but the innovation around how the video is presented is becoming key to standing out. A beautifully made video coupled with innovative distribution of the video is the holy grail for getting the video seen in its entirety and achieving brand recognition whilst impressing the viewer."

What was your most challenging/memorable VideoPak project?

Probably the extremely innovative VideoPak we designed and produced for YouTube. 

This product broke boundaries in what was possible with our VideoPak when we introduced Multi-sensor tech. This new technology took VideoPak a step further to the traditional versions where you open the cover and the video begins to play.  We designed a four page pack and included 4 sensors, all strategically placed within the pack.

Not only was it something new that we hadn’t fully prototyped and tested at the time of winning the order, but they were needed in quite a quick lead time. We had originally designed the pack to operate using light sensor technology to play the videos on each page turn, however switched to magnet sensors mid-way through the early stages of production, because we wanted the product to operate with more stability 

The end result was an highly innovative, beautifully designed product for one of the biggest companies in the world, that functioned in a way that made everybody smile.


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